You are a smart woman. You have tried “all the things.”

Ladies, I get how confused, frustrated, and disappointed you are with your weight. It’s constantly on your mind how far you’ve let yourself go, yet you can’t seem to get back on track.

The SHED is a unique approach to weight loss.

A holy sh*t experience that leaves you feeling like someone FINALLY hears what you’re saying! One that gets to the root of things specific to you, your body, and your lifestyle. If you’re done trying to figure it out on your own and want to experience concierge-level weight loss from a highly qualified nutrition practitioner, then take the first step by scheduling a call using the link below.


Phase 1: Detox

We spend 30-days pausing inflammatory foods, nourishing ourselves with nutrient-dense whole foods, balancing blood sugars and resetting hormones.

Phase 2: Refine

We capitalize on the success of your detox and refine it for your body's unique needs. By establishing a realistic nutritional protocol, it will ensure you will continue to lose weight and improve your health.

Phase 3: Maintain

Phase three teaches you the psychology of maintaining new habits for life and provides you the tools and knowledge to stay on track.

A Network of Successful SHEDDERS — 5 Years Strong

Each SHED cohort brings together a group high achieving, glass ceiling-smashing, serious women who are bound by a common purpose. Thrive in a community of women working towards a shared goal, check-in with each other during weekly coaching calls, and provide support and accountability 24/7 with The SHED Private Facebook group, which includes 5+ years of past SHED participants.


A little about Coach Rachel

Rachel Leigh is the Founder of Whole Woman Health and the creator and coach of The SHED. She is an expert in the field of nutrition and weight loss, which serves Shedders who are seeking the poignant advice that only a professional can provide. She’s been described as a “chaos coordinator,” the “sound of reason,” a “food-freedom coach” and “the body whisperer.” She is also unbelievably direct and loving in her approach. Helping women who are trapped in a cycle of busy-ness, chaos, and overwhelm, yet want to lose weight and feel alive again is her passion. Coach Rachel leads the program and delivers the core content sessions. And you get direct access to her every single step of the way. 
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