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• Designed by a certified functional nutrition therapist

• Specifically created to support health.

 Reduce inflammation and reset hormones

• Recipes that actually taste great

 1 hour or less prep & cook time

•  Over 170 recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

• Gluten and dairy-free!


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Hello friend!


Here’s what I know having worked with busy women  & men for the last 13 years…you need things to be simple, easy, and effective.


Because adding one more thing to your already full plate isn’t an option.


So I made a nutrition plan for you to follow for the next 30 days.


You don’t have to spend another minute thinking about what to eat.


All you have to do is download the pdf, place your instacart order using the shopping lists, and make the meals (or do as my clients do and delegate this to a family member).


This is one of the meal plans we use in the SHED, and SHED Slim program to help women & men nourish their bodies, lose weight and inches, and gain energy.


It works for them, and it will work for you, too.



Rachel Leigh

Founder & CEO of The SHED, formerly Whole Woman Health

"Rachel and The SHED, formerly Whole Woman Health have changed the way that I approach how I eat. I went from being fatigued with significant joint pain to understanding what I should eat for my body based on a scientific method. Her method is smart and holistic. I am so happy I did the SHED Program." ~Amy C.


"Rachel is amazing! The work with her is beyond nutrition – it is thinking about your lifestyle and learning self-care. The steps that we have taken to improve my nutrition have been easier than I imagined and incremental so that I could take them on. Her connections to resources to support your journey are equally life-changing and overall, she is just a lovely human. One of the best investments in myself I have made in a long time." ~Erin